There will be twelve multiple choice quizzes, corresponding to the twelve chapters in the required text.  The quizzes will cover both the text chapter contents and any relevant lecture, class discussion, handouts, etc.  The quizzes have time limits, with the allowed time beginning once the quiz is started.  Quizzes must be taken in and submitted through Canvas by the announced deadline.  See the class Canvas site for details.


Students are required to employ participation/listening skills appropriate to the classroom setting, and as audience members for public speaking.  Demonstrating these skills should be adapted to the online medium (Zoom) in which this class will be conducted.  See the class Canvas site for additional components of this grade.


PURPOSE: Introduction to principles of speech composition (especially organization) and delivery that are the basis of all speech assignments in this course.

TOPIC/DEVELOPMENT/RESEARCH: The topic must be approved by the instructor, and should be chosen with regard to audience benefit. At least three appropriate credible sources are required for the speech, and should be cited during the speech.

SPEECH TYPE: This demonstration speech should informative speech, emphasizing significant description, explanation, or demonstration (as opposed to a persuasive speech focusing on belief, attitude or behavior change). Time limit: 4-5 minutes.

OUTLINE/NOTES: A sufficiently developed typed/word-processed complete-sentence outline (every entry a complete sentence) that closely follows the guidelines of outlining discussed in lecture is due before the speech. Any other notes used by the speaker must be in outline form. Manuscripts (word-for-word notes in paragraph form) are NOT ALLOWED. MLA Style is required for source citation on the outline.  HERE IS A  SAMPLE DEMONSTRATION SPEECH OUTLINE. SUBMIT YOUR OUTLINE THROUGH THE "Demonstration Speech Outline" ASSIGNMENT IN CANVAS.

GRADING EMPHASIS: Mainly on the three criteria of 1) organization (how closely the speech follows the Basic Speech Model), 2) effective demonstration, 3) the development and mechanics of the outline, and 4) delivery (least emphasis).


Each student will be required to submit written critiques of classmates' speeches, organized according to the required format.  The critique should demonstrate an understanding of the factors involved in writing and delivering an effective presentation, and provide the speaker with useful feedback.


PURPOSE: Continued emphasis on the principles of composition and delivery introduced in the DEMONSTRATION SPEECH. (Use the Basic Speech Model.)  Additional focus on strategies to create interest, clarity, and retention in messaged, with special attention to the use of audio-visual aids.

TOPIC/DEVELOPMENT/RESEARCH: The topic must be approved by the instructor, and should emphasize interest value, usefulness, and importance to audience. At least four appropriate credible sources should be cited in the speech. Audio or visual aid required.

SPEECH TYPE: Should be an INFORMATIVE SPEECH. Time limit: 5-8 minutes.

OUTLINE/NOTES: Same as the Demonstration Speech, including that MLA style is required on the complete sentence outline.  SUBMIT THE OUTLINE THROUGH THE "Informative Speech Outline" ASSIGNMENT IN CANVAS.

GRADING/EMPHASIS: Same criteria as previous speeches. Additional criteria: effective use of attention, clarity, and retention factors discussed in lecture, effective use of presentation aids, and research quality.


PURPOSE: Further development or the principles emphasized in the previous speeches. Additional focus on principles of persuasive and argumentative messages.

TOPIC/DEVELOPMENT/RESEARCH: The topic must be approved by the instructor, and should be on a significant issue (to the group, community, nation, etc.) on which the speaker takes a position. Use of designated persuasive speech pattern is required (the speech must be organized as a problem-solution approach). Research requirement is same as for the Informative Speech.

SPEECH TYPE: Should be a PERSUASIVE SPEECH focused on significantly changing audience beliefs, attitudes, or behavior. The speech must be on a policy (course of action) issue. Time limit: 5-8 minutes.


GRADING EMPHASIS: On same criteria as previous speech. Additional criteria: use of persuasive speech organization principles, evidence, reasoning, and choice of appeals.



This essay should be a critique of a speaker in the TED Talk series.  The speech to be critiqued should be at least ten minutes in length.  Format the essay according to the requirements described in the related handout.  Also, follow the style guidelines explained in the related handout, FORMAL WRITTEN CRITIQUE WRITING REQUIREMENTS.


The final exam is a timed, cumulative multiple-choice exam covering all reading assignments, lectures, and class discussions for the course.  It must be taken and submitted through Canvas by the announced deadline.