Research Links for the MJC Library

by Professor Mike Leamy, MJC Librarian

First, this page walks you through the research process step by step.  Keep in mind that doing research starts before you go into the databases to look for sources.  You want to understand your assignment, carefully choose a topic, do some background reading, and create research questions first.  Does that sound confusing?  Hopefully it won’t be after you follow the link.

Okay, so once you’ve done all that, you’re ready to visit our databases.  Keep in mind that we have two that are designed specifically for pro/con type assignments.  Do you have to do an argumentative speech?  CQ Researcher and Issues and Controversies are a great resource.

Need some help searching the databases?  The following video is very helpful.

Want to make sure that you’ve found a credible source?  The CRAAP test can help!

Citing sources?  This page can help!

And most importantly, no one expects you to navigate all of these pages on your own.  Are you confused?  Overwhelmed?  You can make an appointment or chat with a librarian by following the link below.


Do not hesitate to reach out for help!