1. MINOR ASSIGNMENTS: Assigned throughout the semester. (25% of term grade)

  2. EXAM #1 (Mid-Term): Over Units I & II (all lecture, discussion, reading assignments, etc.). Normally, the term grade may be no higher than one grade above the grade given on this exam (as adjusted by any retakes -- see policy on retakes). (25%)

  3. MAJOR COMPOSITIONS: Demonstrating class members’ skills of research, evidence management, analysis and reasoning. (15%)

  4. EXAM #2: Over Units III, IV, V (and any other material stipulated). (15%)

  5. TO BE ANNOUNCED: A major assignment relating to class members as voters or consumers – topic will be determined with class participation. (10%)           

  6. ATTENDANCE/PUNCTUALITY/PARTICIPATION: Due to the nature of this course, attendance, punctuality, and participation will be reflected as a significant portion of the final grade. See relevant policies. (10%)

  7. OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT: May be negotiated with the instructor (assignment and value must be agreed upon before submission.) Includes Bonus Tickets awarded during class discussion. Extra credit may raise the term grade to a maximum one grade higher.